Can A Pen Defend You?

For my birthday this past weekend I was given a tactical pen.  When I first unwrapped the present, I was a little confused, I didn’t know the box meant, what even is a tactical pen?  I did some research online, and I learned quite a bit about these tactical pens.  They are also known as self defense pens, and the claims were truly intriguing.  They are said to be made out of a very tough steel, and they can be fitted with a variety of tools and functions on the ends to help prepare you for any situation you might come into contact with.

penSo once I began fiddling around with my new pen, I was a little more accustom to it.  I found that it was made of airplane aluminum steel, and that it was fitted with a glass breaker and bottle opener on the non pen side.  I learned from a blog that I read online by an author called Brett that there are quite a few different features that pens can have, some of these even include a DNA catcher!

I can definitely see how these could be great for self defense!  These pens are made from hardened steel that is battle worthy!  If you are minding your business, and you have your pen out, I can definitely see how you could inflict some damage to a would be attacker, and potentially save your life!  They even make some of these pens with the tip designed not only to be able to write perfectly, but also to be used as a sharp object incase someone tries to inflict bodily harm to you or anyone you care about.  This is a tool, that would be perfect for police officers or military members that have to be writing stuff while in potentially dangerous areas.  These tactical pens are something that I think all police officers should have when they are writing tickets.  Imagine if someone tries to attack an officer while they are writing a ticket, and they have one of these pens.  The officer would be able to adequately defend themselves and it would make our brothers in blue safer.  Overall after receiving a brand new tactical pen, I think these would be great for keeping a great number of people safe, and I recommend it to all of my friends.

The City of Portugalete!

Many people think that Portugalete lies near the border of Spanish with Portugal cannot be avoided because of the name Portugalete.’ Well, the actual truth is that it is a city which lies to the west of Bilbao in northern Spain. The town has about 47,750 inhabitants according to the census done in 2013.

The city has the transporter bridge which was declared a world heritage site 2006. People think that the only place that can be visited in this town is the Guggenheim Museum. What they should know is that there are also monuments like Basilica of Santa Maria, the Salazar’s tower and also city hall. The town is picturesque; it has ancient buildings and narrow streets that would make one feel that he or she had been thrust way back into the middle ages. The charm and history it has are just plenty.

Festivals usually last for four days officially in the month of August. The eve of San Roque day is marked with the song La Diana Portugaluja’, often sings outside the Town Hall in morning hours on the 15th of August. People wear blue scarves during the celebrations which are attended by almost everyone, including kids. Isn’t their culture amazing? It is one that brings together people of this town.

The presence of an estuary, makes walkways alongside the water pleasant, with rental boats and Kayaks on it. Guggenheim Museum is located next to the water. It is known that the architect of the building, wanted it to appear like fish scales, and he successfully did it. The are no straight lines on the building and silver shimmers in the sun. It brings the museum to life as if it was one of those big fish that live in the sea.

Portugalete is indeed a beautiful city. The excellent hotels and great attractions make a stay in the city, worthwhile.